Let me introduce you to Donna

Anyone know who Donna is?


Ok….. Donna is a Diva

Donna is a musician, director, actress, stylist and most importantly Nigerian.

A business management graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife. sure she knows how to do business.

She is beautiful inside and out and Her unmatched voice will sweep you off your feet when you listen to her sing.


oh well….  If only Nigerians took her seriously, she would still remain in Nigeria. But she’s over there in New York making her dreams come true.

Two major songs that received lots of air play on television and radio were  “shut up” and the controversial song/video “Gaga” that got everyone talking. (still go check it out)

Like she would always say “believe in yourself, don’t let anyone run you down”.


Go check her on IG @donnaadja, FB donna Adja and see what she’s been up to lately.

So cheers to beautiful Donna Diva!!!


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