Lights Camera Africa film festival 2016

Happy New Month fam!

I would have wished y’all a happy new month, happy independence, but i was caught up with few things. i’ll try not to try it next time. thank you for understanding **muah**.

Anyways, the 1st of October 2016, Nigeria, mama Africa turned 56, surely there is a whole lot to talk about but we all know the drill, same ol’ same ol’, and it goes on year in year out. not ready to bore you with the Nigeria situation. we all  know how to handle ourselves, recession or not. Naija we hail thee.

So, lots of events was held on the 1st October, sorry i didn’t give updates. As a naija babe ‘I’ is, i no fit carry last for free events na haba! for this recession time, money must be saved na Lol! I know my brother will laugh hard when he reads this lol, abeg who no like AWOOF!

I actually attended one of the FREE events, that’s the sixth edition of Lights,Camera,African film festival 2016 at the Federal palace hotel, Victoria Island. It was an eclectic mix of features, shorts and documentaries, comedies animation and social commentary to share with three days of free screenings. This years anchoring theme is “Music makes the people”.

I missed the opening ceremony held on friday, then went on Saturda to see “Gidi Blues” and “Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughi”. Quite interesting movies i must say.  I can now say the movie industry is gradually growing into what we wish it should be. Not just Nigerian film but Africa as a whole. I am not a fan of African movies, but when i see a movie trailer i just know if it will be a good film.

Not to bore you with my too much talk talk, here are pictures of #lcafilmfestival2016 below;


#lcafilmfestival2016  #lcafilmfestival2016 #lcafilmfestival2016







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Happy Independence!!!


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