Moving Day!


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  • I should learn to stop apologising every time I have a post for you. It has not been easy these past months and I pledge to be loyal to you yet again. (Sending E hugzzz)

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to @thesparklewriter for the Christmas campaign feature. If you haven’t read, please go check my previous post. Thank you.

Ever wondered why people talk about how stressful moving can be. The packing and unpacking, I tell you it isn’t as easy as making noodles.

I had to move with my family to a very distant location, even though i was informed about it on time, I had to prepare little by little. I had to put out work clothes and shoes in a bag while I gradually packed the rest.

Prior to the week we were to move, I had been invited to various events, so i started to point out what I needed to wear because some of the events had dress instructions and I didn’t want to be left out. I made it possible to attend a couple of them.

Then Saturday came and we moved successfully. We got to our destination, off loaded and then cleaning started. And then I remembered; oh i’ve got a Christmas hangout to attend on Sunday, you had better get your dress out with your shoe. I got the dress out and hung it, then began to look for my shoe. “Where is my shoe?” I asked looking around. I almost cried looking for it in the pile of bags and sacks, “Boy, was I mad”.

I searched for it till I got hungry. I had a lunch break then continued afterwards. At some point,mum had to ask “ichoga gini nwam?” (What are you looking for my child) I told her my shoes for church tomorrow almost crying.

Mum started the scavenger hunt and was crowned the queen of searching for things we cannot find when she brought my shoes to me.

Anyway, here are few tips on what to do when you move;

1. Organize yourself early.

2. Pack in boxes or bags.

3. Label them with paper tapes.

4. Take inventory of your items.

5. Make plans with a moving van early.

6. Embrace your new neighbors.

7. Treat your movers well with snacks and drinks.

I hope with this few tips of mine, it will help you when you decide to move. Don’t get me wrong, moving is super fun when you pack right.

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Kisses to y’all


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