Let’s throw it all back



We’ve got 5 days to christmas, 11 days to 2017. How awesome!

Let’s throw it all back today just to share a little something that happened years ago.

I remember going for an audition for a beverage advert years ago. So typical of me to dress in a tee and jeans, no makeup. I got to the venue, saw other girls waiting then i realized i wasn’t  dressed for the audition but wetin concern me.

While waiting, a script was passed around for us to rehearse. While rehearsing, a girl walked in with all the noise from ojota, bathed in a repulsive not so nice perfume, lots of piercing and jewelries added with a loud husky voice she came along with.

Hmmmm! is this how they dress to auditions? i thought to myself. Next thing, the babe started asking is Nicholas around, have you seen Nicholas? she asked the girl seated next to her. that one replied no.

Oya time to read our scripts came, and we were asked to read out loud to get to the next stage. We all took turns and read till it got to madam lousy attention seeker.

The scripts says….

….. milk is a healthy family milk that gives you and your family vitamins D,E and F. As a young mother, i give my children what they need to be strong mentally and physically. ….. milk is healthy and good for your family. Try …. milk today. (giggle till fade).

Our madam read the script with mispronunciations here and there, then killed us finally with the words in the bracket (Lol!). No one read the words in the bracket out, we just expressed it like its supposed to be done. Oh my sweet heavens!! everyone totally burst out in laughter.

She killed us the more by saying “googgole till fa’de” (if you’re Yoruba you would understand) Fa’de is a Yoruba name. fade is what she was meant to pronounce. The organizers laughed so hard, that we thought she was of no use to them. Trust naija girls to always have an inside person that can be smooth talked to, so she got in.

Its a throw it all back, Never underestimate the power of a lousy attention seeker naija girl. They come with all the noise from their neighborhood fully loaded, no atom of shame installed and so very care free.

So what’s your own story?

Please do like and comment and send your stories to be shared. thank you for reading *kisses*


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