Self Love; Inspired by you and I
Chinny Okoye

Chinny okoye, is a beautiful woman inside and out. She is the founder of the women international. A self improvement and self love forum that helps women appreciate themselves and others as well.

I can go on and on writing about her and her sweet heart, cos i loved her the day i attended the circle this December. It was cool and fun to meet women who knows what they want and go for it.

Self Love; Inspired by you and I

Oby Edozien who was the guest speaker, shared her story that made her quit her nine to five job to help inspire women who feel low self esteem.


It encourages women to put fear, uncertainty, hate for yourself and others aside. instead stay focused, show love, self worth and self confidence should be your goal.



So gidi up women, brace yourself, learn to appreciate yourself and others too. Read more, speak more and listen more.

Ps; i had lots of crackers,peppered pringles, lots of juice and candy.

Make effort to be at the next circle!


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