2016; The Recap

The recap 2016

2016;the recap is here as we’ve only got one more day to 2017, and I would say ​on the scale of 1 to 10, the year 2016 for me would be 6, yes 6. 2016 came with its Odds, the Frenzy,  the Tears,  the Pain,  the Disappointment, the Eye opening,  the achievement, the struggle,  the problem solving, the fun,  the excitement and so much more. 
The first quarter of the year wasn’t fun at all,  it felt like my life was on standstill and I needed the year to run out quickly as it arrived. Still, I survived. 

The second quarter, I prayed for it to be better than the first.  Well….  at least it was fair enough. Did few jobs for people who refused to pay. You know, friends never help to support your ministry. They like awoof,  they no know say e dey purge belle. Till now they never pay. 

Third quarter came along with its package that will not be forgotten in a hurry.  Dad passed away two days after his 66th birthday in August.  It just made the year feel gloomy,  but what can I do?  Had to accept my loss and be strong for myself and family. 

Before the last quarter crawled up,  I told myself that I wasn’t gonna continue to wallow in self pity, that I wasn’t going to let my loss take the better part of my life,  that I had to move on and be more focused, more zealous to make even if it’s just a little of what I dreamt my 2016 would look like come true. 

I did actually, I started this blog in September 2016. Resumed my writing habit,  joined lots of forum to learn more,  met lots of amazing peeps (kisses) and so much more this last quarter, many more to come. 

So that’s my 2016;the recap. 2017, I await you and your tatics. My prayer is that it’ll only get better. You only live once they sayll0

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