2017;The Resolution 

Happy New Year 🎆🎇

​2017;the resolution has arrived, it’s a new dawn. Got any resolution for the year?  it always seem like a tradition to make a resolution so it can help curb your way into the new Year. That is, throw away some old habits and activate new ones. Am I right or wrong?  Sure I’m right. 

Well…. Lots of people talked about how awful 2016 has been to them.  The love and hate,  the faith and doubt of 2016.


Do you believe in resolutions? 

I used to think that resolution are just words merely spoken without actions but then, I realised that I cannot make myself into what I want if I have doubts and lack faith. 

Seriously, keep your resolution and go easy on yourself. 

New Year thoughts

Will it change you?  Hell no.  It cannot happen in a brief moment (so I used to think).  

But every time you choose to forgive, show gratitude, be nice to someone,  love thy neighbor as thyself, be compassionate and be full of hope, just calm down that’s where the change happens.

My prayer for everyone is that may the challenges of the past be totally forgotten, may the joy and happiness  accompany  you through this new Year,  all bright full of hope.

What’s your 2017;the resolution? 

Thanks for stopping by to read. 

Happy New Year☁😘😘☁😘😘☁







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