Guess who’s felling Nostalgic!

Hey fam! 

Childhood experience

Guess who’s feeling nostalgic today, It’s my big brother! And he’s recalling a childhood experience. Grab a bowl of popcorn and zobo (that’s his favorite) and have a good read.

There was this one day, back when there used to be 3 of us siblings (we became 4 not long after this account), we were having breakfast of fry-fry things and oatmeal. I have always been a fussy eater and like to take my time to eat so my taste buds can really savor all ingredients (or so I have always imagined). So, this particular morning I was taking my time and doing taste trials for the freedom my plate…  A bite of this alone,  then with a bite of something else and so on.

Really, it was serious business for me that thinking back I wonder why I did not become a professional gourmet. My younger brother, a ferocious eater, had been through with his plate and done the ‘Oliver Twist’move for an extra helping.

Apparently, his taste buds were rioting and the only way to quell the riot was to eat more of the tasty fry-fry.

He looked for someone he could bully and Lo! She (that is I)  was perched away from his reach. Our dad had placed our kid sister on the table just in front of him and there was no way my brother could get to her without attracting unwarranted attention.

I believe he gave up in the thoughts of having more to eat but then as he turned towards the kitchen, his hopes were revived once more.

For there I sat,  with my eyes partially closed as I enjoyed the delicious taste invading my taste buds and the most wonderful thing he could have wished for at that moment; my plate still looking like it had not been touched at all. Presuming I was asleep and needed help with breakfast,he proceeded to assist me. 

By the time I came out of my reverie,my brother was stuffing the last bits into his mouth. I immediately grabbed him and without thinking, wham! I emptied my plate of oatmeal on him. Dad didn’t even interfere, he just gave a stare of its your battle not mine and turned away. I was red already trying so hard to fight back the tears.

I can still see the look on his face; one of amusement that someone would waste such a tasty meal. Given more time, I am sure he would have consumed the oatmeal as well.  Lol! 

Thanks bro for  sharing your nostalgic childhood  experience. 

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