Guess who’s feeling nostalgic today! 

Guess who’s feeling nostalgic today…. 

Ibadan city

Couple of years ago, I went visiting a family friend all the way from school in the east (that’s in Nigeria) to Ibadan city for the first time. The excitement of traveling away from my daily routine was so refreshing, and I thought it is time for new experiences, new memories and possibly a new fling (giggling). 

This family has four girls and a baby brother who was about a year and nine months and I was older than all of the children. My trip to Ibadan wasn’t fun at all. Since it was my first time to the city I was really observant. It was a long long trip (wipes forehead).  

Finally, I got there, was welcomed and a serious illness started same night I arrived, that I was scared for myself. Slept in the hospital for three days, got better,then returned home in Ibadan. 

I was worried at first that my holiday had been ruined, because after I got better and taken home, I had to nurse my injection butt pain in tears every day ( how I so hate needles **rolling eyes**).

It finally got better, I began to enjoy every moment of the holiday, so many fun stuffs happened because I was surrounded with children. I learnt from them and they from me. 

Pepper (Atarodo)

One night after dinner, which is supposed to be 6pm (their mum’s rule) but I came and the rule became shaky cos I am permitted to eat whenever I wanted.  The second daughter who was about 13 years became hungry after 6pm dinner, and decided to prepare noodles with my permission. She loves pepper a lot and so she cut four pieces of pepper which the Yorubas call ‘Atarodo’ into three small packs of noodles (bloody hell!).


After she was done, she placed the plate of noodles on the dinning table and left to go change the TV channel of her OWN choice so that every other person who was watching should go jump into the lagoon. Kids ehn! 
That, took a long while because her older sister was not ready to let her have her way. She totally forgot she was to eat or whether the hunger vanished I didn’t understand why she was dragging remote control.

Until I disconnected every thing so that peace will reign and reminded her of her noodles, was when baby brother started screaming from the bathroom. We all rushed there to see him screaming his lungs out. His body covered in noodles, his eyes closed,  hands in the air waving them profusely and shouting ‘my pee pee’ ‘my pee pee’.  Oh sweet heavens!!


 What happened?

Bobo climbed the dining table and helped himself with the noodles his sister prepared with his hands. Had the urge to urinate,went to the toilet to help himself with his hand on his ‘pee pee’, that was when ‘Atarodo’ started its work. He was literally on fire. 

Eat with your hands

I threw him into the bathtub and turned the shower on to wash off everything before he calmed down (it took a while). This happened around past 10pm. Then the one who prepared the peppered noodles came to report to me (big aunty) that Bobo finished her noodles and she was going to make another one. Prepare kor, prepare ni, my friend go and sleep, I screamed at her. Do you know what time it is? See what you’ve put me through.
She went to bed hungry and sulking. I put Bobo to sleep and sent the other rug rats to bed. 

As I look back over my lifetime of vacations, a few distinct ones like this stands out. 

Did I have a new experience? Yes I did. 

Did I get a new fling?  Nah! It never happened. 

Wanna share your nostalgic childhood experience? 

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Have a good day!!!


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