What’s your 5 top application on your smartphone?

Happy weekend!!!

Do the happy dance

It’s the weekend!!! And we are so close to telling the month of January goodbye. 27 days done and dusted off 2017. 

What have you achieved so far? 

What did you learn? 

Well…  As for me, let’s wait till February, then I will spill. 

Did you know, that Smartphones have come to stay and there’s no going back? Lots of brands showing off in competitive style of the latest models created. While we help the market grow by purchasing at every release of a new model. 

Top 5 App for smartphone

A smartphone is a mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system that combines features of a personal computer operating with other features useful for mobile or handheld use. 

Your favorite app

Gone are the days of blackberry phones, which was the wake of smartphones into our lives. Where, if you do not have a pin to share, you never reach big girl or big boy level (LOL).
Now with smartphones, it’s the craze of instagram,snapchat,Imo,palmchat,wechat,badoo,skype, regran, repost,camera360,camera effect and many more. 

Top 5 apps for smartphone

Are this the only app you’ve got on your smartphone?

Even our mummy and daddy are enjoying smartphones with all the apps to choose from. I was on a bus to CMS, seated in front of me was an elderly woman who was busy playing Ludo game on her smartphone to kill the long trip.

What’s your favorite app? 

What apps do you enjoy having on your smartphone? 

We’ve got loads of apps on Google Play Store to choose from, do you install the ones that are of good use to you, or you install because everyone has got it? 

Here’s a list of my top 5 apps on my smartphone; 

1. Word press : it helps me write when I’m on the move. I don’t need a laptop on a bus, in a boring meeting or training. It’s so handy.

2. Notepad : it helps me scribble thoughts that just come and go at its will. This helps a lot. 

3. Wordsearch: I can never be bored with this on my phone. It helps me get to know new words and I search for their meaning.

4. Wattpad: need books to read? fiction, romance, adventure, thriller,  this is what you need. 

5. Shazam: oh yes! I love music. Never a dull moment with music. Get the latest update on whatever genre  and listen.  

That’s how smart your phone can be. 

How often do you use your app?

Now I’ve shared mine, what’s yours? 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Feel free to comment, like and share. 

Kisses 😘 😘 


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