A day out at Tarkwa bay Island

Tarkwa bay island

I have always thought about taking a trip to a cool place with friends just to have fun, since our weather is not so friendly.
The thought then became a reality after I voiced out to some group of friends and it turned out to be a great experience afterall. 

Tarkwa bay island

Tarkwa bay became a much talked about adventure island in my home when I started to see various fun pictures on social media (especially Instagram). I am not one who loves to hang out at the beach, it might just be the way elegushi beach has been used over time. No interesting thing to look at, no huts to stay in if you’re not swimming (I don’t swim), loud music everywhere, and it smells a lot. 
Now, Tarkwa bay island caught my curious mind about why it’s so much cooler (if that word exist) for me to go visit. So we started to make inquiries and got prepared.  

So, we got our own food and drinks, our own DJ and basically everything needed. 

Wiggle wiggle
Selfie game on

The blissful Tarkwa bay beach is located some kilometers offshore away from the busy Lagos island. 

To get to the beach, you’ll need to take a boat ride which will take about 15-20 minutes. You’ll be treated to amazing views of popular spots in Lagos while cruising. 

Oh! that’s not me 😂
Boat cruise 🚢
We love groove
Coconut water on point
Life jacket for safety
Say Tarkwa!

It’s always fun to go as a group, so you can have as much fun as you want. 

Fives tips you need to know about a successful hangout at the beach;

1. Make sure you make inquiries about where you’re going to. How long is the trip, How many hours you’ll spend there and all. 

2. Make sure you take enough food, cos the excitement about being on the island will make you wanna eat a lot. 

3. Bring lots of games: for those who can’t swim like myself,  get them busy with board games or any other game. 

4. Make sure as you bring lots of food,  a lot of water should be inclusive. You’d be surprised. 

5. Make sure you wear something comfortable like slippers or sandals. No sneakers, or high heels.  It beats me people still wear those to the beach. 

Hope you had fun reading?

Thanks so much for stopping by 💃 💃. 

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Deuces 😘 😘 


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