My Orientation camp Boulevard 1

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Happy new month 🎊 🎊 

Heading to a new state and environment is some kinda adventure I always look forward to. I always love to hear the words “Let’s travel”, it’s like giving me cake and ice-cream to bribe my addicted soul (it’s that bad).

This time around, the feeling I got when I got my posting letter to go obey the clarion call came with mixed feelings. When my brother told me ‘You’re going to Taraba state’, I died and woke up. 


It wasn’t Taraba I had in mind na, what kinda punishment is this?

And I was to leave in less than a week to Taraba state which is in the northern part in Nigeria, is a 20hrs ride (2days). I was heartbroken, there was no excitement because I wanted Ogun state (I cried, it was that bad).
Remember how you felt while moving to Uni? Get registered, get bunk space, get mattress, get this, get that with thousands of people from all parts. I was told by my brothers how to scale through. 

I got ready for batch B stream 2 which was in  January and off I went to Taraba state to spend 21days. Met some cool peeps on the bus and we just connected through out camp.

The journey wasn’t funny at all. It was a very longgggg one but I just had to endure. My long legs got swollen from the trip. There was a stop over in a village in Benue state and in our minds we thought we were close, until we rode for 8 more hours to get to the capital Jalingo, that we realized how much we love where we come from. 


We got to orientation camp Jalingo, after hours of nothing to look at again. We dragged our sorry arse off the bus to the gate where we were searched and asked to provide our medical report the soldiers. I showed them at the gates and was directed to the medical clinic. There was a crowd waiting and so I joined. I forgot I needed a bed space, until a kind hearted girl reminded me about it.

SAED taking place

To get the medical team attend to you was war, I had to go about other registration before the medical report was cleared. I got my kit and my crested vest a white was like agbada, my khaki pants were tight with no allowance to make amends. I had to manage everything. What of my white shorts?  Both were like what I would wear underneath a dress or skirt.  (the tailor deserves several knock) thank goodness I brought lots of white shirts and shorts.

Camp began properly by 4pm as they assembled us at the parade ground which is as wide as a stadium. Hostels clean, toilet and bathroom clean, food from kitchen was good as well. I ate qkitchen food most times because i wanted to try the variety of meals prepared. We had lots of meat as well.

Parade ground

Taraba state weather is cool,  its either hot or cold and the wind of dust is always annoying. Then it can become extreme when the weather decides to out shine each other. The morning drills were killing because it was always cold to shower. I got use to the new routine, joined sanitation group and drama.

Platoon 2 sanitation group

In all, it turned out to be a wonderful experience that I didn’t want camp to come to an end (yimu). I took a bus back to Lagos immediately after the closing ceremony and I didn’t get a posting letter, I just knew my prayer worked. I was redployed, to where?  I don’t know. It will be continued.

Anyways, that’s about what I can  put up today so I don’t bore you with my tale. 

Thanks for stopping by.


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