Guess who’s feeling nostalgic!!!

Fun times as kids

Growing up was fun for me. There was the good and cry cry moment. I really love cartoons till date but then my mom and an aunt that was staying over made it somewhat compulsory to watch home videos (Nollywood movies).

Nostalgic childhood experience

We watched the likes of nneka the pretty serpernt, Igodo, karashika, full moon, ayamatanga and other scary movies. Guess what? We always saw these movies at night after my dad is done with 10pm news and retired for the night.

My mum was the soul contributor of these home videos. She would give my aunt money to hire the videos for the weekend. After a while, she got tired of the weekend cinema thing and started requesting for the videos everyday (how addictive that was).
One evening, it was time to watch a particular movie and it wasn’t close to the weekend yet but I and my siblings sneaked ourselves to the living room to participate too. It was a movie we named Ayamatanga (can’t remember the exact name though). It was a scary movie with witches here and there. As we finished watching and retired to bed, PHCN struck.  My aunt asked me to pee before I go lay in bed, I didn’t. And I couldn’t sleep, I kept seeing all the witches flying up and down in my head.

Nostalgic childhood experience
Scared to pee

Then I felt the urge to pee,  geez! I couldn’t move.  I tried to wake my aunt to take me to the toilet, she didn’t bulge at all. Fear no gree me stand up ooooo. I started to think of all the Power Rangers move to do to rush to the toilet and back to bed in a jiffy because the house was awfully quiet and no power.

Nostalgic childhood experience
To scared to pee

I couldn’t  sleep cos my bladder was full and ready to burst,  I had to go myself and it wasn’t like the toilet was far away from the bedroom. I rushed out of bed got into the toilet and sat to pee hurriedly,to think I was gonna pee and leave immediately, boy was I wrong.  It was a long freaking pee that got interrupted when something ran past my toes. Yikes!!!

Nostalgic childhood experience

I just rushed out screaming Ayamatanga oooo, Ayamatanga oooooo mummyyyyyy save meeeee.  I woke everyone up at 3am.
Mum and dad rushed out of their room to see what had happened to their precious daughter with lantern. I was just pointing to the toilet and saying Ayamatanga is there. They looked and saw two cockroaches in there and killed it.

Nostalgic childhood experience
Too scared

My dad calmed me down and took me to his room to sleep. While in between them in bed, I heard dad ask mum which one is Ayamatanga? where did she learn that one from? I suspect Uloma teaching these children nonsense. My mum kept quiet like she didn’t know what he was asking.

The next day, after I and my siblings returned from school. Uloma(my aunt) punished me for making my dad scold her for teaching us nonsense. Then mum banned us from watching home videos with her and Uloma. We jejely stuck with our cartoon and kiddies shows.

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