I have a nickname! Do you? 

What’s your nickname?

Did you ever have a nickname? 
(nodding my head) Yes I did. And currently still do  (Lol).

You know, nicknames are so widely recognized that many believe they are the person’s actual name. 

I have a very uncommon name (it’s unique by the way) which you have probably never heard before.  So when people hear it,  they generally say things like  ugh… thats such an usual igbo name, never heard it before, are you sure you’re igbo?  (aunty, na you born me), some even ask what sort of name is this? (Biko, did I complain to you that I don’t like my name) **blinking eyes**.

Unique but uncommon

I find this type of questions annoying and difficult to respond to. I still sympathize with those who make an effort to pronounce it and ask for it’s meaning.

Here’s my story about my nickname as I was told by mum and dad (lol).

Love my nickname

When I born, I was christened the name ODAWAYI as my first name. It’s a unique name from the Igbo tribe and it means one born in the mist of boys and also one born during a festival.  Fortunately, I was born on a general festival day and also in the mist of boys. So I earned to be called ODAWAYI.
My dad told me that as a baby, my immediate elder brother who was still little, couldn’t pronounce the name so well. He always ended up calling the last part of my name which sounds like the letter Y. He got tired of rolling his tongue to call my name and made the last sound like a double Y which is Yy.

Thanks big brother

Since then, everyone started calling me Yy  or spelt waiwai. It doesn’t have a meaning. It’s just the last sound of my name made in double sound (hope you understand what I mean) And you must really know me to call me by my nickname.
In primary school, my name was murdered a lot. In high school, it was terrible that I just told them please call me waiwai. I got to university and everyone just loved the name when my cousin would not just stop calling me by my nickname.

At some point it felt embarrassing to be called waiwai in school. But when I saw everyone loved it I just enjoyed being called like that. I like my nickname cos its cool and everyone loves it.   

What about you? 

Do you have a nickname?

Do you wanna share? 

Feel free to like,comment and share ☺ 

Have a great week ahead 😘 😘 


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