How Embarrassed have you been?

Everyone gets embarrassed in their life, no one can beat their chest and say he or she have never been embarrassed in their entire life here on earth. You’ve probably even been embarrassed a couple of times already today 😂.

Just kill me 😂

There’s nothing wrong with getting embarrassed, its only that we all prefer if these most common things were to happen less often, true or false?. 

Well…. I have a thousand and one embarrassing moments, that when I sit alone with my thoughts, I smile or laugh out loud at the thoughts that crosses my mind. I’m sure we all have such moments too. 

 A lot of times, when I get dressed in the morning, especially when there’s no power supply, I wear my blouse inside out and realise it half way through the day. I just go to the restroom and do myself the honors of changing it (So annoying after all compliments).

So annoying 😡

I remember drifting into my own world while having a boring lecture given by a boring professor back in my uni days. I was caught smiling sheepishly at myself by the professor. Wondering what amused me at the moment, he pointed at me to stand up and asked i repeat the last sentence he made to the one thousand and something students in class. I literally died 😂 because I didn’t hear a thing he’s been saying all afternoon. 
I have stopped waving back at people who call me from a moving bus or any other style of getting one’s attention. It is so annoying because I don’t get to see who it is I am waving at. Most times, it isn’t me they are waving at but because the person seems to be smiling at me, I wave back before I noticed it isn’t me. I don’t understand how people enjoy calling someone they know from a vehicle 😡. 

😡 😡 👋

This happens to me when I am so stressed out that I wonder if I’m mentally stable. I can be lost in thought when my brain is over cooked and walk by a turn that will take me to where I’m going to. When I discover this, I’ll stylishly ask around like I’m lost and turn around to the right direction. 
My stomach can growl for eternity. It always wait until every where is quiet to do the rumble roar in the jungle to be heard by everyone around making them think it’s a loud fart. Especially when you’re sitting with a  cute date arghhhh (man crush).

Friends can be mean 😡

I have tripped lots of times (I walk too fast), I have been splashed dirty water several times by vehicles on my way to work by reckless drivers (my friends say it’s bad luck and laugh at me), I am the grand master of spilling food or drink on my clothes, I hate to eat roasted and boiled corn when I’m out cos I don’t have the time to pick my teeth. 
So many embarrassing moments to share 😂 😂. I’m sure you’re laughing out loud cos it’s happened to you as well. 

Awwwww ☺

Be it interesting, funny, bad, worst embarrassment, Let’s not forget that it just happens and sometimes lessons are learnt from it afterwards.
Wanna share yours?  Feel free to send a mail to

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Deuces 😘 😘 


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