Our PVC, Our Strength.

Democracy as they say; is a government of the people by the people and for the people. This is why the electorates endure for a period of years to choose their leaders through ballot, whether they perform well or not. This is the major reason for the establishment of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). 

Deputy director (NYCN) Obinna Brown (centre)

Democracy can not be complete, except proper election of people who handles the affairs of the economy and governance are elected through the ballot, which before an election, certain indispensable electoral process has to be considered and carried out like the registration and collection of Permanent Voters Card (PVC). 

Comrade Murtala Muhammed Gamba (Gamji), the President of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN),which is an apex body and mouth piece of Nigerian youths both home and in the diaspora is one of the 18 directorates established under his leadership. Comrade Murtala to oversee the political affairs of the youths and to promote good governance and encourage positive political participation of the youths in the country which electoral matters is one of their huge responsibility.

NYCN team during a meeting in Abuja

Permanent Voters Cards (PVC) is the mandate, weapon and strength of electorates during general election to help in the selection of their own candidate. And before election, it is ensured that the registration and collection of PVC’s by masses from ages 18years and above to enable them participate as adult citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Comrade Murtala in a meeting held on 9th May, 2017 in Abuja has recommended that INEC as a body be  saddled with the responsibility of  increasing the awareness of the registration process of PVC with good information on deadline to motivate the masses. And also mobilise enough staffs to various centres early, so as to hasten the process and record a success. 

Appreciation letter

In appreciation, the entire team of the NYCN expresses huge gratitude towards their leader,who has offered sustainable moral support to the team. The chairman/CEO of Charles de great Nigeria limited, Dr Charles chukwu from mmaku-ugwu in Enugu state.  

Wining elections starts from mobilisation of electorates for INEC as voters registration. Let’s all come out in mass for this exercise and not limit ourselves to social media political agents. 

Our PVC, Our Strength. 

God bless Nigerian youths.

God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Build the youths, build the Nation!

By Comrade Omoleye Moses Adedotun – director (NYCN) & Comrade Obinna Nwaka – deputy director (NYCN). 
It is a political matter oooo


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