Letter to my 18year old self

I am so thankful for my experiences as I embarked on my journey as a young adult. There are some memories I wish I could replay everyday for the rest of my life and there are others I wish I could erase completely. All of my memories have so far helped to shape me into who I am today. 
To my 18years old self, I have these for you;
Before knowing others, you have to know yourself. Making mistakes is good, that’s how you learn. Be kind with yourself and others. Try to do as many new things as you can. Learn to listen and practice patience because patience is key. 

Grow up

It is important that you learn how to forgive. And this is a blessing. Harboring resentment against another will only hurt you and hinder your ability to function in your every day life. Do not let it have a control over your life. 

Appreciate your parents because they know what they’re talking about. If mum nags so much about grooming yourself, tidy your room, bath regularly,brush your teeth regularly, scrub under your arm properly to avoid foul smell and bumps. Please do, it’s normal for her to nag at you for she means well for you. I’ve too often brushed over their advice and as I look back, I’m grateful I did most of it and don’t regret a thing.

Take no one for granted

Remember, do not take people or things for granted because not all things or people stick around forever. Enjoy and appreciate them while it lasts. There is much more to the universe than yourself so don’t be self absorbed to avoid words like “I wish I knew”.
Study and work hard, it’s so cool to be smart don’t ever give up that for anyone. Did you know that being smart is the new sexy?
Be self confident but not filled with pride. Sweetheart, do not be afraid to speak to a large crowd, focus on your qualities and not your flaws. A confident woman is irresistible.

Be confident

Always remember to pray without ceasing. Pray with faith for everlasting happiness and joy, pray for good health and wisdom to be successful, pray for a forgiving heart and pray for unending love. Things will get better, don’t break a sweat.

 If it’s wrong, be brave enough to do what’s right. Encourage yourself to take more chances and accept your flaws, since you’ll learn a lot from them. Also trust your instincts and do what you like for a living with advice from mum and dad. 

Break a leg

Get super equipped with skills that will help you land a home run in life. Your future self will thank you later.

You will grow into your own skin and discover who you really are. And then you will own that identity. 

You will be just fine. Even though now you’re okay where you are. So breathe, keep doing your best and enjoy being You. 

Love from your older self 😘 😘 

PS; pardon my not so professional pictures. But I hope you love the colorful ones I chose from my gallery.


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