“The Adventure of Tarablade”

This work exclusively belongs to the author and is protected under the Nigerian copyright law ©️.

The title, thought, plots, characters, setting, quotes and all its contents are properties of the author. 

No part of this work; either in parts or in whole should be reproduced in any format; electronic or otherwise without permission from the author.

The story begins…… 

A light wind swept through the night gently caressing everything in its path. The trees swayed slightly while their leaves fluttered gently emitting a whistling  effect. The usual night sounds filled the air, punctuated inerminttently with loud long drawn snores. 

Only one man was known in the whole village to snore like this. His new bride did not find it amusing at all. She had tried several means for her husband to stop snoring or at least reduce the tempo of his snores all to no avail.

The lively villagers always joked that her husband’s snore prompts them to bed. Immaculeta did not find any of these jokes funny. This night was no different, in fact she was almost certain that there was an increase in Yayo, her husband’s, snore.

      The increase in Yayo’s snore tempo bothered her. Truly, his snores were loud but tonight’s was different. The snores was louder than usual. Their tiny room literally vibrated with each upheaval. 

Now, the snores were not her main bother at the moment. The snores only distracted her wandering mind. Immaculeta was deeply concerned and she had good reasons to be. At first, it had seemed an easy task.

“What was there in keeping safe a bag of gold?”  Yayo had asked her when she voiced her protest to him. ‘Besides, it was an honor to be singled out for such responsibility in the whole village of Assaya, ‘ he added.

This final point made her stiffle her protests and bask in the light of honor shown she and her husband by the king Tautaris. Yet, Immaculeta could not shake off the worries. 

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