The Adventure of Tarablade


While inhabitants of village Assaya slept,  Immaculeta lay awake with a feeling of bad foreboding getting stronger. She thought of the bag of gold entrusted in their care and felt the urge to go check if it was safe. This instinct struck her as unusual and strange because in Assaya, there have never been any robbery. Practically, everyone do not lock their doors and that includes king Tautaris. 

Immaculeta got up from the bed she shared with her snoring husband and strode to the corner of the room where he had unceremoniously dropped the bag of gold. The moonlight shone faintly in this corner and she could barely make out the outlines of the bag. It stood just the way she remembered. She got to it and lifted it, but it did not burge. The weight of the gold was more than she could manage. 

Looking upwards from staring at the bag on the floor, Immaculeta was startled. She had managed to stifle a reflex cry of  surprise. In a split second, she analysed the validity of what she saw and made up her mind to confirm. She had seen an unidentified face staring at her. The unknown face had disappeared as soon as she saw it. Having made her decision,  Immaculeta approached the window cautiously.
She stared out the window but could see nothing. She felt the hairs on her body standing straight as she had the unshakable sensation of being watched. This was something new to her and she did not know how to deal with it. 

After standing and straining her eyes into nothingness for a couple of minutes, she decided to go  join snoring Yayo in bed. 

Cock-a-doodle!”; crowed the biggest cockerel in the village at the stroke of dawn. The sun could be seen peeping from the Far East with its fingers slowly extending to bath the land in golden rays. 

Assaya village stirred and gradually came alive as inhabitants went through various motions that characterized their daily preparations. A persistent hum sound could be heard all through the village. 

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