When I am bored…. 

What is boredom?

Boredom is the neediness for something very exciting to happen. It determines many of our erroneous actions, and is therefore the source of much of our suffering. It is a feeling of anxiety and stress.

Let’s forget about the psychological and emotional English about boredom. We do unbelievable things when we’re bored. It either brings out the negative side of you or the creativity /fun side out of you. 

Lazy lazy

When I am bored at work, it simply means anything talked about through out the day will make no meaning to me till I recover (oh yes boredom makes me ill). 

I have to really find something hilarious to jerk back to motion or else I’d be moody for the rest of the day. I could put my head on my desk to rest a while sometimes, then get back to work. 

Then when I’m home and I’m bored, my oh my! I could stare into space like a retarded being and jerk back to reality and look for something else to do, crazy right?. 

Nothing to do

If there isn’t power supply, then the world has come to an end. I would lay in bed and surf the net till I am exhausted or  battery goes dead flat. I would go from room to room, pacing around the house, dancing only to the song I’m humming to.

The kitchen isn’t left out, because I would look for something to munch on or try out some funny concoction (sometimes it turns out tasty). I eat and eat and eat anything because it feels it would save me from being bored.

Bored of being bored

Sleep ke? 

Sleep doesn’t rescue me at all. my eyes would be wide open and my body itches to do something. 

I try to read an interesting book to kill the boredom cos that helps me since I read a lot. I make it a point of duty to analyze all literary terms used in the book and also find out meaning to some words I come across. 

I literally can’t do anything sensible except read and watch a movie when I’m bored. 

What do you do when you’re bored???? 

Feel free to comment, like and share.


Let’s go shake it off this weekend 💃 💃 


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