Our Adventure continues…. 

….The persistent sound was none other than the trademark snores of Yayo. Everyone knew that nothing would wake him for another one hour. Immaculeta lay awake on the bed, staring upwards to the roof. She was painfully thinking about what steps to take to stop her husband’s loud snores.

Coming up with no solution, she got up and went about quietly cleaning the house in preparation to leave for the market. 

     Suddenly, the shriek was instatenous. It came without warning and was filled with all the anguish and shock any human could muster. It was so bloodcurdling that the whole Assaya paused. Even Yayo came awake. 

“The bag of gold is empty!”; Immaculeta shouted. Immediately, she regained her breathe enough to speak. “we have been robbed”; she said in a fear filled voice while directing tear laden eyes to a startled Yayo placing both hands on her head. 

Yayo stared  unbelievably at the empty bag a trembling Immaculeta held in her hands. He staggered towards her, snatched the bag and peered into it. His faculties refused to believe what it saw, so he put his right arm into the bag to feel along its bottom for the gold it no longer held. 

By this time,a crowd had gathered watching Yayo in silence. Unbelief and incredulity etched on their faces. 

The atmosphere was tense. Everybody was at a loss about what to do. This was a new experience for most of them. Theft, robbery or whatever you may call it was unheard of in Assaya village. Despite all these, Yayo quickly  took charge. He gently pulled his wife into his arms where she broke into tears. 

Turning to Indomix he ordered; “Alert the Varanguards and king’s guards, no one should be allowed to leave this village “.


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