Way to go August! 

The month of August is a month filled with uneventful memories. I just wish I could say “run along August” but I have learnt to accept whatever memories it’s left for me. 
August is a special someone’s month in my life. My first love, my hero, my EFCC chairman, our Pedro Bond of the Ukandu clan.

Born Aug 1st. Passed on Aug 3rd. Laid to rest Aug 25th. Hmmmm way to go August!. 

How can I forget in a hurry the one who taught me what love is and what love can do. The one one taught me to be brave and courageous. The one who taught me to be patient when dealing with others. The one who taught me how to appreciate the little I have and make the best out of it. 

The one who taught me that I can be better today than my performance of yesterday. The one who discovered that I love adventures, traveling ,writing and reading. 

It’s a been a year a left to be with Heavenly Father. We miss you dearly. 

Happy Birthday Pops!

#daddysprincess #daddysgirl 

Rest on peacefully. 😢 😢 


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