The second quarter is here!!! Goodbye March.Ā 

Wow! the first quarter of the year will be tucked away in history today. 
I know we all had plans for what the first quarter of 2017 would be for ourselves. That is, achieveing goals that could not be fulfilled in 2016.

Goodbye March

If you did reach all your goals for the time period,  oh well, I want to be like you when I grow up ā˜ŗ.

Make a plan

If you didn’t reach your goals (just like my humble self), at least an effort was made. Well done!  We’ve got to keep pushing. 
If you didn’t plan or have any goals in particular, no worries, you’re not late, you’ve got enough time to get started from where you left off. 

Always remember, that no matter where you are in the course of your journey, no matter how rocky the terrain is,  you should know that you are not alone. We are all in it together.

As we march into the month of April, the beginning of the second quarter in 2017, we never know what could make a world of difference only if we express solemn gratitude to our Creator.

Goodbye March

Here’s sending hugs your way and cheers to the freaking weekend!!!

Happy weekend

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My Eko ile tour

Hey fam! 

A week ago I went on a tour. 

 Guess where? 

In Lagos. (lol) 

Lagos tourist

I have lived in Lagos my whole life, yet there are places I have not been too. I might have heard of the place and where it is, but never been there. Sometimes, when friends talk about places I haven’t been to, I just keep mute and listen. That’s how serious it is. 

When I saw the Eko Ile tour poster on one of my favorite tour page on instagram, I was excited and my brother asked me  ‘Ah Ah! Why are you excited about going to where you pass through almost everytime?’, I replied him saying I don’t even know where we’re going. He said again ‘bia, pay me so I would show you around Lagos’ (šŸ˜‚ šŸ˜‚ see igbo boy sense).

Freedom park

Anyways, I got ready to go on the tour and get more knowledge about buildings we walk past all the time without knowing the history behind it. 
Take off venue was from a memorial and leisure park in the middle of down town Lagos, Freedom park in Lagos island. It was formerly Her Majesty’s broad street prison and designed by Architect  Theo Lawson

Freedom park.                                                                           

The park was constructed to preserve history and cultural heritage of Nigerians.  It was built to commemorate the 50th anniversary independence celebration in October, 2010.

I got there late and caught up with my group at the St Georges hall (where Rorrrrry gave me a big hug ā˜ŗ). It was founded in 1904 and consecrated in July, 1905. known as the patron of the Masonic Samaritan fund. The first meetings were held in the forester’s hall at odunlami street Lagos. And the first master of the lodge was W.Bro. Charles  Unaebauer,who in 1913 became the first deputy district grand master of the district of Nigeria. 

I took this

Next stop was the Center for Black and African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC). This was established by 69 of 1979 following the successful and epoch making hosting of the 2nd world black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC77). 

Black heritage

This centre houses all the materials which are rare artifacts and cultural items that were used during FESTAC’77. The decision to handover these materials to Nigeria was to reinforce and build upon the gains of historical festival. 

Black heritage
Broad street.                                                                            

Here is the old CMS bookshop. It was established in 1869 and rebuilt in 1917. The new building is just a little further down on the opposite side of the road. 

This here is the Cathedral  Church of Christ Marina. A year doesn’t go by without a new coat of painting. 

Oldest Cathedral

The oldest Cathedral in Nigeria. There’s no way you go to Lagos Island without noticing this beautiful edifice. It serves as the seat of the Bishop of Lagos and the Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical province of Lagos. It was completed in 1946 and the architecture type is Norman Gothic

Oldest cathedral
So beautiful inside

I was glad I went on this tour because I made new friends and learn things I never knew.

Thanks to Kelechi Anabaraonye (IG:@oc wonder) the curator and Rosemary Okoli (IG:@Rorrrrrrrrry) who assisted. 

Here are other pictures  taken on the tour;

Wing of liberty square
Street of Lagos island
Kelechi Anabaraonye (the curator)
Lagos tourist
Black girls on the street
Lagos island
Post office building

There are other places I want to visit, I can’t wait for another tour ,I’m up for any as long as there’s food and drinks to sign out ‘The End’ šŸ˜‚ šŸ˜‚ oh yes I’m such a foodie. 

Photo credit: my humble mobile (Tecno canon C9)

Three tips in how to prepare for a tour; 

1. Wear something very comfortable. That’s is light walk around clothes, slippers or sandal or sneakers.

2. Carry light bags so you don’t get tired after 30 minutes. 

3. A note pad, pen and a camera would help you keep memories of what you’re going to see. 

That’s all for today. ā˜ŗ ā˜ŗ ā˜ŗ 

Hope you had a good read āœŒ 

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Deuces šŸ˜˜ šŸ˜˜ 

I have a nickname! Do you?Ā 

What’s your nickname?

Did you ever have a nickname? 
(nodding my head) Yes I did. And currently still do  (Lol).

You know, nicknames are so widely recognized that many believe they are the person’s actual name. 

I have a very uncommon name (it’s unique by the way) which you have probably never heard before.  So when people hear it,  they generally say things like  ugh… thats such an usual igbo name, never heard it before, are you sure you’re igbo?  (aunty, na you born me), some even ask what sort of name is this? (Biko, did I complain to you that I don’t like my name) **blinking eyes**.

Unique but uncommon

I find this type of questions annoying and difficult to respond to. I still sympathize with those who make an effort to pronounce it and ask for it’s meaning.

Here’s my story about my nickname as I was told by mum and dad (lol).

Love my nickname

When I born, I was christened the name ODAWAYI as my first name. It’s a unique name from the Igbo tribe and it means one born in the mist of boys and also one born during a festival.  Fortunately, I was born on a general festival day and also in the mist of boys. So I earned to be called ODAWAYI.
My dad told me that as a baby, my immediate elder brother who was still little, couldn’t pronounce the name so well. He always ended up calling the last part of my name which sounds like the letter Y. He got tired of rolling his tongue to call my name and made the last sound like a double Y which is Yy.

Thanks big brother

Since then, everyone started calling me Yy  or spelt waiwai. It doesn’t have a meaning. It’s just the last sound of my name made in double sound (hope you understand what I mean) And you must really know me to call me by my nickname.
In primary school, my name was murdered a lot. In high school, it was terrible that I just told them please call me waiwai. I got to university and everyone just loved the name when my cousin would not just stop calling me by my nickname.

At some point it felt embarrassing to be called waiwai in school. But when I saw everyone loved it I just enjoyed being called like that. I like my nickname cos its cool and everyone loves it.   

What about you? 

Do you have a nickname?

Do you wanna share? 

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Have a great week ahead šŸ˜˜ šŸ˜˜ 

Guess who’s feeling nostalgic!!!

Nostalgic childhood experience
Fun times as kids

Growing up was fun for me. There was the good and cry cry moment. I really love cartoons till date but then my mom and an aunt that was staying over made it somewhat compulsory to watch home videos (Nollywood movies).

Nostalgic childhood experience

We watched the likes of nneka the pretty serpernt, Igodo, karashika, full moon, ayamatanga and other scary movies. Guess what? We always saw these movies at night after my dad is done with 10pm news and retired for the night.

My mum was the soul contributor of these home videos. She would give my aunt money to hire the videos for the weekend. After a while, she got tired of the weekend cinema thing and started requesting for the videos everyday (how addictive that was).
One evening, it was time to watch a particular movie and it wasn’t close to the weekend yet but I and my siblings sneaked ourselves to the living room to participate too. It was a movie we named Ayamatanga (can’t remember the exact name though). It was a scary movie with witches here and there. As we finished watching and retired to bed, PHCN struck.  My aunt asked me to pee before I go lay in bed, I didn’t. And I couldn’t sleep, I kept seeing all the witches flying up and down in my head.

Nostalgic childhood experience
Scared to pee

Then I felt the urge to pee,  geez! I couldn’t move.  I tried to wake my aunt to take me to the toilet, she didn’t bulge at all. Fear no gree me stand up ooooo. I started to think of all the Power Rangers move to do to rush to the toilet and back to bed in a jiffy because the house was awfully quiet and no power.

Nostalgic childhood experience
To scared to pee

I couldn’t  sleep cos my bladder was full and ready to burst,  I had to go myself and it wasn’t like the toilet was far away from the bedroom. I rushed out of bed got into the toilet and sat to pee hurriedly,to think I was gonna pee and leave immediately, boy was I wrong.  It was a long freaking pee that got interrupted when something ran past my toes. Yikes!!!

Nostalgic childhood experience

I just rushed out screaming Ayamatanga oooo, Ayamatanga oooooo mummyyyyyy save meeeee.  I woke everyone up at 3am.
Mum and dad rushed out of their room to see what had happened to their precious daughter with lantern. I was just pointing to the toilet and saying Ayamatanga is there. They looked and saw two cockroaches in there and killed it.

Nostalgic childhood experience
Too scared

My dad calmed me down and took me to his room to sleep. While in between them in bed, I heard dad ask mum which one is Ayamatanga? where did she learn that one from? I suspect Uloma teaching these children nonsense. My mum kept quiet like she didn’t know what he was asking.

The next day, after I and my siblings returned from school. Uloma(my aunt) punished me for making my dad scold her for teaching us nonsense. Then mum banned us from watching home videos with her and Uloma. We jejely stuck with our cartoon and kiddies shows.

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My Orientation camp Boulevard 1

Admin offices

Happy new month šŸŽŠ šŸŽŠ 

Heading to a new state and environment is some kinda adventure I always look forward to. I always love to hear the words “Let’s travel”, it’s like giving me cake and ice-cream to bribe my addicted soul (it’s that bad).

This time around, the feeling I got when I got my posting letter to go obey the clarion call came with mixed feelings. When my brother told me ‘You’re going to Taraba state’, I died and woke up. 


It wasn’t Taraba I had in mind na, what kinda punishment is this?

And I was to leave in less than a week to Taraba state which is in the northern part in Nigeria, is a 20hrs ride (2days). I was heartbroken, there was no excitement because I wanted Ogun state (I cried, it was that bad).
Remember how you felt while moving to Uni? Get registered, get bunk space, get mattress, get this, get that with thousands of people from all parts. I was told by my brothers how to scale through. 

I got ready for batch B stream 2 which was in  January and off I went to Taraba state to spend 21days. Met some cool peeps on the bus and we just connected through out camp.

The journey wasn’t funny at all. It was a very longgggg one but I just had to endure. My long legs got swollen from the trip. There was a stop over in a village in Benue state and in our minds we thought we were close, until we rode for 8 more hours to get to the capital Jalingo, that we realized how much we love where we come from. 


We got to orientation camp Jalingo, after hours of nothing to look at again. We dragged our sorry arse off the bus to the gate where we were searched and asked to provide our medical report the soldiers. I showed them at the gates and was directed to the medical clinic. There was a crowd waiting and so I joined. I forgot I needed a bed space, until a kind hearted girl reminded me about it.

SAED taking place

To get the medical team attend to you was war, I had to go about other registration before the medical report was cleared. I got my kit and my crested vest a white was like agbada, my khaki pants were tight with no allowance to make amends. I had to manage everything. What of my white shorts?  Both were like what I would wear underneath a dress or skirt.  (the tailor deserves several knock) thank goodness I brought lots of white shirts and shorts.

Camp began properly by 4pm as they assembled us at the parade ground which is as wide as a stadium. Hostels clean, toilet and bathroom clean, food from kitchen was good as well. I ate qkitchen food most times because i wanted to try the variety of meals prepared. We had lots of meat as well.

Parade ground

Taraba state weather is cool,  its either hot or cold and the wind of dust is always annoying. Then it can become extreme when the weather decides to out shine each other. The morning drills were killing because it was always cold to shower. I got use to the new routine, joined sanitation group and drama.

Platoon 2 sanitation group

In all, it turned out to be a wonderful experience that I didn’t want camp to come to an end (yimu). I took a bus back to Lagos immediately after the closing ceremony and I didn’t get a posting letter, I just knew my prayer worked. I was redployed, to where?  I don’t know. It will be continued.

Anyways, that’s about what I can  put up today so I don’t bore you with my tale. 

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A day out at Tarkwa bay Island

Tarkwa bay island

I have always thought about taking a trip to a cool place with friends just to have fun, since our weather is not so friendly.
The thought then became a reality after I voiced out to some group of friends and it turned out to be a great experience afterall. 

Tarkwa bay island

Tarkwa bay became a much talked about adventure island in my home when I started to see various fun pictures on social media (especially Instagram). I am not one who loves to hang out at the beach, it might just be the way elegushi beach has been used over time. No interesting thing to look at, no huts to stay in if you’re not swimming (I don’t swim), loud music everywhere, and it smells a lot. 
Now, Tarkwa bay island caught my curious mind about why it’s so much cooler (if that word exist) for me to go visit. So we started to make inquiries and got prepared.  

So, we got our own food and drinks, our own DJ and basically everything needed. 

Wiggle wiggle
Selfie game on

The blissful Tarkwa bay beach is located some kilometers offshore away from the busy Lagos island. 

To get to the beach, you’ll need to take a boat ride which will take about 15-20 minutes. You’ll be treated to amazing views of popular spots in Lagos while cruising. 

Oh! that’s not me šŸ˜‚
Boat cruise šŸš¢
We love groove
Coconut water on point
Life jacket for safety
Say Tarkwa!

It’s always fun to go as a group, so you can have as much fun as you want. 

Fives tips you need to know about a successful hangout at the beach;

1. Make sure you make inquiries about where you’re going to. How long is the trip, How many hours you’ll spend there and all. 

2. Make sure you take enough food, cos the excitement about being on the island will make you wanna eat a lot. 

3. Bring lots of games: for those who can’t swim like myself,  get them busy with board games or any other game. 

4. Make sure as you bring lots of food,  a lot of water should be inclusive. You’d be surprised. 

5. Make sure you wear something comfortable like slippers or sandals. No sneakers, or high heels.  It beats me people still wear those to the beach. 

Hope you had fun reading?

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Deuces šŸ˜˜ šŸ˜˜ 

What’s your 5 top application on your smartphone?

Happy weekend!!!

Do the happy dance

It’s the weekend!!! And we are so close to telling the month of January goodbye. 27 days done and dusted off 2017. 

What have you achieved so far? 

What did you learn? 

Well…  As for me, let’s wait till February, then I will spill. 

Did you know, that Smartphones have come to stay and there’s no going back? Lots of brands showing off in competitive style of the latest models created. While we help the market grow by purchasing at every release of a new model. 

Top 5 App for smartphone

A smartphone is a mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system that combines features of a personal computer operating with other features useful for mobile or handheld use. 

Your favorite app

Gone are the days of blackberry phones, which was the wake of smartphones into our lives. Where, if you do not have a pin to share, you never reach big girl or big boy level (LOL).
Now with smartphones, it’s the craze of instagram,snapchat,Imo,palmchat,wechat,badoo,skype, regran, repost,camera360,camera effect and many more. 

Top 5 apps for smartphone

Are this the only app you’ve got on your smartphone?

Even our mummy and daddy are enjoying smartphones with all the apps to choose from. I was on a bus to CMS, seated in front of me was an elderly woman who was busy playing Ludo game on her smartphone to kill the long trip.

What’s your favorite app? 

What apps do you enjoy having on your smartphone? 

We’ve got loads of apps on Google Play Store to choose from, do you install the ones that are of good use to you, or you install because everyone has got it? 

Here’s a list of my top 5 apps on my smartphone; 

1. Word press : it helps me write when I’m on the move. I don’t need a laptop on a bus, in a boring meeting or training. It’s so handy.

2. Notepad : it helps me scribble thoughts that just come and go at its will. This helps a lot. 

3. Wordsearch: I can never be bored with this on my phone. It helps me get to know new words and I search for their meaning.

4. Wattpad: need books to read? fiction, romance, adventure, thriller,  this is what you need. 

5. Shazam: oh yes! I love music. Never a dull moment with music. Get the latest update on whatever genre  and listen.  

That’s how smart your phone can be. 

How often do you use your app?

Now I’ve shared mine, what’s yours? 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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Kisses šŸ˜˜ šŸ˜˜ 

Guess who’s feeling nostalgic today!Ā 

Guess who’s feeling nostalgic today…. 

Ibadan city

Couple of years ago, I went visiting a family friend all the way from school in the east (that’s in Nigeria) to Ibadan city for the first time. The excitement of traveling away from my daily routine was so refreshing, and I thought it is time for new experiences, new memories and possibly a new fling (giggling). 

This family has four girls and a baby brother who was about a year and nine months and I was older than all of the children. My trip to Ibadan wasn’t fun at all. Since it was my first time to the city I was really observant. It was a long long trip (wipes forehead).  

Finally, I got there, was welcomed and a serious illness started same night I arrived, that I was scared for myself. Slept in the hospital for three days, got better,then returned home in Ibadan. 

I was worried at first that my holiday had been ruined, because after I got better and taken home, I had to nurse my injection butt pain in tears every day ( how I so hate needles **rolling eyes**).

It finally got better, I began to enjoy every moment of the holiday, so many fun stuffs happened because I was surrounded with children. I learnt from them and they from me. 

Pepper (Atarodo)

One night after dinner, which is supposed to be 6pm (their mum’s rule) but I came and the rule became shaky cos I am permitted to eat whenever I wanted.  The second daughter who was about 13 years became hungry after 6pm dinner, and decided to prepare noodles with my permission. She loves pepper a lot and so she cut four pieces of pepper which the Yorubas call ‘Atarodo’ into three small packs of noodles (bloody hell!).


After she was done, she placed the plate of noodles on the dinning table and left to go change the TV channel of her OWN choice so that every other person who was watching should go jump into the lagoon. Kids ehn! 
That, took a long while because her older sister was not ready to let her have her way. She totally forgot she was to eat or whether the hunger vanished I didn’t understand why she was dragging remote control.

Until I disconnected every thing so that peace will reign and reminded her of her noodles, was when baby brother started screaming from the bathroom. We all rushed there to see him screaming his lungs out. His body covered in noodles, his eyes closed,  hands in the air waving them profusely and shouting ‘my pee pee’ ‘my pee pee’.  Oh sweet heavens!!


 What happened?

Bobo climbed the dining table and helped himself with the noodles his sister prepared with his hands. Had the urge to urinate,went to the toilet to help himself with his hand on his ‘pee pee’, that was when ‘Atarodo’ started its work. He was literally on fire. 

Eat with your hands

I threw him into the bathtub and turned the shower on to wash off everything before he calmed down (it took a while). This happened around past 10pm. Then the one who prepared the peppered noodles came to report to me (big aunty) that Bobo finished her noodles and she was going to make another one. Prepare kor, prepare ni, my friend go and sleep, I screamed at her. Do you know what time it is? See what you’ve put me through.
She went to bed hungry and sulking. I put Bobo to sleep and sent the other rug rats to bed. 

As I look back over my lifetime of vacations, a few distinct ones like this stands out. 

Did I have a new experience? Yes I did. 

Did I get a new fling?  Nah! It never happened. 

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What keeps you going in the morning?Ā 


We all have our own reasons that motivate us to do all we do. Sure we all have different ways we get going in the morning, too.

Iā€™m not passionate about anything to take in the morning. Like coffee or tea I mean. Before I step out of the house in the morning, I take a glass of milk or water sometimes. For a long while I have tried my very best to do the water therapy, which I still do till date, I still do not like the not so good feeling in my tummy when I drink water before I wash my mouth. 

My Mum is the initiator and the process is supposed to be like this; wake up, wash your face, rinse your mouth, a glass of water, then go seat in the toilet and disengage (Lol!). But I don’t give her the end result. Instead,  I’m rolling my eyes at her and begging not to be given this sort of punishment again Biko. And she would say ‘Nne, something is wrong with your system’.

All these happened when I was much younger. Now, I’m older, I now know that drinking water in the morning immediately upon waking up (that’s on an empty stomach) helps to purify the body’s internal system. Thanks Mum.

Water is life

You should know that water is odorless, nearly colorless and tasteless. It’s in your body, the food you eat and the beverages you drink. You use it to clean yourself, your clothes, your dishes, your car and everything else around you. You can travel on it or jump in it to cool off on hot summer days.

Water therapy

Here are 5 ways drinking water in the morning helps you:

1. It helps with weight loss. 

2. It balances your lymph system. 

3. It glows your skin. 

4. It increases the production of blood and muscle cells. 

5. It cleans the colon, which makes the body much more able to absorb nutrients from the body. 

What keeps you going in the morning?

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Guess who’s felling Nostalgic!

Hey fam! 

Childhood experience

Guess who’s feeling nostalgic today, It’s my big brother! And he’s recalling a childhood experience. Grab a bowl of popcorn and zobo (that’s his favorite) and have a good read.

There was this one day, back when there used to be 3 of us siblings (we became 4 not long after this account), we were having breakfast of fry-fry things and oatmeal. I have always been a fussy eater and like to take my time to eat so my taste buds can really savor all ingredients (or so I have always imagined). So, this particular morning I was taking my time and doing taste trials for the freedom my plate…  A bite of this alone,  then with a bite of something else and so on.

Really, it was serious business for me that thinking back I wonder why I did not become a professional gourmet. My younger brother, a ferocious eater, had been through with his plate and done the ‘Oliver Twist’move for an extra helping.

Apparently, his taste buds were rioting and the only way to quell the riot was to eat more of the tasty fry-fry.

He looked for someone he could bully and Lo! She (that is I)  was perched away from his reach. Our dad had placed our kid sister on the table just in front of him and there was no way my brother could get to her without attracting unwarranted attention.

I believe he gave up in the thoughts of having more to eat but then as he turned towards the kitchen, his hopes were revived once more.

For there I sat,  with my eyes partially closed as I enjoyed the delicious taste invading my taste buds and the most wonderful thing he could have wished for at that moment; my plate still looking like it had not been touched at all. Presuming I was asleep and needed help with breakfast,he proceeded to assist me. 

By the time I came out of my reverie,my brother was stuffing the last bits into his mouth. I immediately grabbed him and without thinking, wham! I emptied my plate of oatmeal on him. Dad didn’t even interfere, he just gave a stare of its your battle not mine and turned away. I was red already trying so hard to fight back the tears.

I can still see the look on his face; one of amusement that someone would waste such a tasty meal. Given more time, I am sure he would have consumed the oatmeal as well.  Lol! 

Thanks bro for  sharing your nostalgic childhood  experience. 

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